Diana Jägers

City Councillor in Bochum

Diane Jägers studied law and social sciences at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum from 1980 to 1985. From 1986 to 1989 she was a lecturer at the RUB focusing on local tax law. After working as a judge in Düsseldorf and head of the Recklinghausen Justice Academy, she is now a City Councillor in Bochum and a department head responsible for six offices, including the Law and Public Order Offices.


In the 80s there was a fad of
knitting during lectures.

RUB Alumni: What is the first thing you think of when you think back to your time at the Ruhr-Universität?

Jägers: I really loved the campus location of the RUB. It was exciting because I was able to have a look in on a lot of lectures from other subjects. For example, I would just sneak into lectures on religion or art history. It was very easy to do because there was never far to go.

And I really enjoyed going to sit by the ponds in the Botanical Gardens and chilling out after eating in the small canteen. Or our clique would pop over to the University Center between lectures and look around for books. The bookshops were very well stocked at the time and we would argue and discuss things with the booksellers.

RUB Alumni: That sounds like real student life.

Jägers: From today's perspective I studied with too much focus and far too ambitiously. I tell my children to be a little more relaxed about their studies. I should have enjoyed student life a lot more. I should have finished my social sciences degree or spent more time at lectures from other subjects rather than just popping in. But I still really enjoyed my time at the RUB and would definitely choose Bochum again if I were starting today.

RUB Alumni: Didn't you suffer at all because of the concrete?

Jägers: Not at all. I accepted it was there and saw it as functional. I was happy when the daffodils bloomed in the meadows in spring and I could stroll through a field of yellow. Or I was glad to be able to get from one place to another when it was raining without getting wet.

RUB Alumni: Can you think of any special moments or anecdotes from your time as a student?

Jägers: In the 80s there was a fad of knitting during lectures. My fellow students always made a joke of throwing my ball of wool as far as they could across the lecture room and seeing how far I got before the end of the lecture. That really annoyed some of the lecturers but I was never actually kicked out of a lecture. It was simply that at the time, concentration was measured in terms of how much of the pullover got finished...

RUB Alumni: Do you think your studies prepared you well for overcoming complex tasks?

Jägers: Law definitely did, because it teaches freedom of thinking. I did my social sciences with my focus on and as a kind of "general studies" to broaden my general education. I am completely convinced that I am well trained in terms of thinking independently and defending my position. That has been proved during my time as a judge and in my other functions too. And this is why, when others talk of their old traditional universities with such praise, I always make sure I fly the Bochum flag!

RUB Alumni: Thank you for talking to us!