Academic History

2017- Researcher and PhD student at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany, funded by the European Research Council
- Dissertation (working title): The tonal system of Tōhoku Gairin dialects, and what it can say about the history of the Japanese language
- Topics: Linguistics of tone, dialectology, historical linguistics, language documentation
2013-2016 Master's degree in Japanese Language, São Paulo University (USP)
- Thesis: O sistema de escrita japonês: alám da fala [Beyond Speech: The Japanese Writing System], on the linguistic features of Japanese writing, their use for literary and expressive purposes, and their relevance for debates on the nature of writing
2010-2014 Bachelor's degree in Japanese Studies, São Paulo University (USP)
- Graduation monograph: O chinês literário: uma língua escrita [Literary Chinese: A Written Language], on the relationship between Literary Chinese (文言 wényán or 漢文 kanbun) and the natural, spoken language family
- Included a 60-day scholarship program at the Japan Foundation's Japanese Language Institute (国際交流基金関西国際センター), in 2013
2001-2006 Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Federal University of Paraná (UFPR)
- Included one year as a teaching assistant and a four-year internship as a Linux developer



  • 2016 O sistema de escrita japonês: Além da fala [Beyond Speech: The Japanese Writing System]. Master's thesis. São Paulo: São Paulo University.
  • 2016 O Sono Profundo de Nosso Visitante [Our Visitor's Deep Sleep]. Translation of Ikuko Onodera's short story Tōmin no Kyaku 冬眠の客; winner of the national Yoshio Takemoto prize, 2015. In: Revista Brasil Nikkei Bungaku, n. 52, pp. 21–22. São Paulo: Associação Cultural e Literária Nikkei Bungaku do Brasil.
  • 2015 Prolegômenos a uma classificação de técnicas de expressão do kanji [Towards a classification of expressive techniques based on kanji]. Technical report. In: Anais do XXIII Encontro Nacional de Professores Universitários de Língua, Literatura e Cultura Japonesa. Rio de Janeiro: Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.
  • 2014 O sistema de escrita japonês: Além da fala [Beyond Speech: The Japanese Writing System]. Technical report. In: II Encontro de Pós-Graduandos em Estudos Japoneses. São Paulo: Humanitas.
  • 2014 O chinês literário: uma língua escrita [Literary Chinese: A Written Language]. Graduation monograph. São Paulo: São Paulo University.


Language certification

  • 2013 Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2


Major professional experience

  • Starting 2015 Freelance Japanese translation
  • 2010–2017 São Paulo University, Linux systems administrator
  • 2008 Google Brazil, Linux systems administrator
  • 2005–2006 Conectiva Linux, Linux developer


Websites and software

  • The Nambanjin Nikki, a Japanese Studies weblog, aimed especially at increasing the outreach of Japanese linguistics
  • MYOUGIDEN, a command-line Japanese dictionary for Linux, with intelligent search capabilities
  • KANJIGEN, a web-based tool to compare historical analyses of sinograms (hànzì/kanji)
  • JoyoDB, an accurate, machine-readable database conversion of kanji data from the official Jōyō Kanji PDF table



  • 2015 Volunteer teaching of grammar and linguistics to 9th-year elementary students (full year)
  • 2005-current Practitioner of Urasenke-style Japanese tea ceremony (current license rank: Gyō-no-gyō-daisu 行之行台子)


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