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ESPP 2010 – Symposia

Invited Symposia
Barry Smith
Crossmodal Perception Speakers:
Charles Spence (Oxford),
Casey O’Callaghan (Rice),
Fiona Newell (Dublin)
Günther Knoblich
Joint action, joint thinking, and joint agency Speakers:
Ian Apperly (Birmingham),
Stephen Butterfill (Warwick),
Elisabeth Pacherie (Paris, Institut Jean-Nicod),
Natalie Sebanz (Nijmegen)
Bernhard Schröder
Nature and culture in
language acquisition
Elena Lieven (MPI Leipzig; Manchester),
Keith Stenning (Edinburgh),
Tecumseh Fitch (Wien),
Bernhard Schröder (Essen)
Albert Newen /
Tobias Starzak
Concepts and nonlinguistic inferences in animals Speakers:
Colin Allen (Bloomington/USA),
Josep Call (MPI Leipzig)
Albert Newen (Bochum)

Contributed Symposia (CS)
(CS1) Chair:
Joëlle Proust
Perceptual Uncertainty: from metaperception to epistemology Speakers:
Anna Loussouarn (Paris),
Simon Barthelmé (Paris),
Kathrin Glüer (Stockholm),
Joëlle Proust (Paris)
(CS2) Chair:
Catarina Dutilh Novaes
What is a deduction? Integrating logical, psychological and philosophical perspectives Speakers:
Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson (Leuven, Belgien),
Andrew Fugard (Salzburg),
Catarina Dutilh Novaes (Amsterdam)
(CS3) Chair:
Tobias Schlicht
Being addressed as You: Towards a Second-Person Approach to Social Cognition Speakers:
Leonhard Schilbach (Köln),
Alan Costall (Portsmouth),
Vasudevi Reddy (Portsmouth),
Tobias Schlicht (Tübingen)
(CS4) Chair:
Patricia Kanngiesser
The Psychology and Philosophy of Property Ownership Speakers:
Chris Bertram (Bristol),
Ori Friedman (Waterloo, CA),
Frederico Rossano (Leipzig),
Patricia Kanngiesser (Bristol)
(CS5) Chair:
Aaron Schurger
(Princeton, Paris)
Causality within the brain and between the brain and the limbs: a fresh look at the initiation of movement and the feeling of "intending" Speakers:
Marc Pavlopoulos (Larsim, FR),
John-Dylan Haynes (Berlin),
Tillmann Vierkant (Edinburgh),
Aaron Schurger (Princeton, Paris)
(CS6) Chair:
Anika Fiebich,
Leon de Bruin
Universal and Cultural Determinants of Social Interaction and Perception Speakers:
Gary Bente (Köln),
Louise Röska-Hardy (Essen),
Marc Slors (Nijmegen),
Anika Fiebich & Leon de Bruin (Bochum)
(CS7) Chair:
Gottfried Vosgerau
Thinking and Motor Control Speakers:
Matthis Synofzik (Tübingen),
Simone Schütz-Bosbach (Leipzig),
Gottfried Vosgerau (Düsseldorf)
(CS8) Chair:
John Sutton
Constructive Memory Speakers:
Fiona Gabbert (Dundee),
Lorraine Hope (Portsmouth),
Kirk Michaelian (Paris)
John Sutton (Sydney)
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