Brainreading and the Dreaming Brain

Katja Valli, University of Turku (Finland) [back to top]
The mind-body problem is a central issue in cognitive neuroscience, reconceptualized as the brain-consciousness problem. Brainreading, that is, to be able to reconstruct the contents of consciousness from purely brain based data, would close the explanatory gap between biological processes and processes of the mind. A litmus test for brainreading that is based on the theoretical explanation of the relationship between mental contents and brain activities is known as the “Dream Catcher” -test (Revonsuo, 2001, 2006). The “Dream Catcher” -test is a thought experiment that goes beyond mere correlations between the biological and the phenomenal: It aims to set the empirical criteria for the discovery of the constituents of phenomenal consciousness and for an ultimate brainreading technology. This presentation will focus on the “Dream Catcher” –test, and address how we have attempted to carry out brainreading in an experimental laboratory setting.
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