Statistical Software


R is a free, non-commercial software for statistical computing and graphics. This software was developed in the mid-90s by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman and is closely related to the computer language S from John Chambers.

For R, there are many documentations in the form of PDF files and online support.

The computer language R is very extensive in its functionality and can be extended easily.

R compiles and runs on all current operating systems. It is constantly being updated and continuously being enhanced. New libraries are available on the CRAN webseite.

Our institute has developed upgrading packages that are based on our research results.

The following upgrading packages can be found on the CRAN website:


MATLAB Program for design analysis

The MatLab program calculates the local optimal and the minimax design for a three arm clinical study with heteroscedastic variances.

As a basis, the test hypothesis from the publication ‚ÄěRobust Designs in Non-Inferiority Three Arm Clinical Trials with Presence of Heteroscedasticity‚Äú by H. Dette, M. Trampisch, L.A. Hothorn PDF is taken. In this document the background and parameters will also be explained.

Please note that a valid license is required for the implementation of the program.