Dr. Ulrike Solmecke


It is with deep sadness that we announce that Dr. Ulrike Solmecke passed away last week after a brief but severe illness.

In Dr. Solmecke we have lost not only a nationally and internationally esteemed and renowned academic but also a dedicated and admired colleague.

Our thoughts are with her family

Ulrike’s death leaves us with great sorrow. We are missing a wonderful person

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Bersick, Leiter, Sektion Internationale Politische Ökonomie Ostasiens
Prof. Dr. Jörn-Carsten Gottwald, Leiter, Sektion Politik Ostasiens

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Ulrike Solmecke
Research Associate, International Political Economy of East Asia, Ruhr-University Bochum, Faculty for East Asian Studies (since 07/2015)

Research Interests

  • Global transformation to sustainability
  • The European Union and China between green growth and degrowth
  • Asia's role in the international discourse on sustainability
  • Sustainable development as an issue of security policy

Further Academic Affiliations

  • Lecturer at the faculty for international relations and comparative political science, Bergische Universität Wuppertal (in cooperation with the TRANSZENT research centre)
  • Lecturer at the chair for East Asian politics, faculty for East Asian Studies, Ruhr-University Bochum
  • Export and coordination manager for Asia in various enterprises located in Germany and Hong Kong
  • Chinese language teacher for senior level of German high school
  • Chinese language translator and interpreter, authorized by the Hamm regional court

Academic Career

  • Doctorate at the facutly for East Asian Studies, Ruhr-University Bochum
  • University degree as Magistra Artium
  • Chinese Studies (Language and Literature of China), East Asian economy and political science at Ruhr-University Bochum, at Fu-Jen University Taipei and at the School of Oriental and African Studies London

Latest Publications and Presentations

  • "China's Role in Global Transition Processes to Sustainability - A Role Theoretical Approach", in: ASIEN 143 (April 2017): pp. 5-24, Hamburg: German Association for Asian Studies.
  • "China zwischen Wirtschaftswachstum und Umweltschutz", presentation on 26.06.2017, Ruhr-Universität Bochum.
  • Bersick, Sebastian; Solmecke, Ulrike: "From Hangzhou to Hamburg: old partners and new thinking", Conference on: The G20 and Global Economic Governance, 13.05.2017, Shanghai: School of International Relations & Public Affairs Fudan University.
  • „Multinational Enterprises and the 'One Belt, One Road' Initiative: Sustainable Development and Innovation in a Post-Crisis Global Environment“, Copenhagen: The Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies 34 (2), 2016, pp. 9-27, available online here.
  • „Postwachstumsgesellschaft als Voraussetzung zur Lösung globaler Probleme“. presentation on 18.05.2015. Sozialwissenschaftliches Kolloquium „Globale Herausforderungen“, Bergische Universität Wuppertal.
  • „Tourismus zwischen grüner Wirtschaft und Postwachstumsökonomie: Die Reiseindustrie als Instrument einer nachhaltigen Entwicklung in China“. Vortrag am 09.04.2014, GATE/Stiftung Asienhaus Köln.
  • „Enttäuschte Erwartungen: ‚ökotourismus‘ im chinesischen Naturschutzgebiet Nankunshan“. Tourismwatch, 76, September 2014.
  • „Nachhaltigkeit im interkulturellen Kontext – Theoretische überlegungen und praktische Implikationen am Beispiel des Tourismus in der VR China“, Marburg: Metropolis-Verlag, 2014 (459 Seiten).
  • „Grünes Wachstum in China: Der Tourismus als einfacher Weg zur Nachhaltigkeit?“ Köln: Asienhaus-Hintergrundinformationen, 2/2013, S. 1-9.