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The Faculty of East Asian Studies was founded in 1965 with the express objective of giving new impetus to research and teaching in the field. The Faculty's study programmes are designed to enable students to address the region comprehensively and across academic disciplines. The focus of both research and teaching is on China, Japan and Korea. Diverse methodological approaches are applied from the fields of history, literature, philology, philosophy, political science, linguistics, and economics.

Because sound language skills are vital for the academic study of East Asia, the Faculty provides comprehensive and in-depth tuition in Chinese, Japanese and Korean, whereby both modern and ancient language forms are taught.

Graduates from the Faculty of East Asian Studies have the linguistic, discipline-specific and cultural skills as well as the analytical capability that qualify them for a wide range of professional fields. Depending on their area of specialisation, our alumni are to be found in the business sector (corporations and banks), in cultural organisations (museums, the media), in education (high school, university, adult education), in institutions of scholarly exchange, in political organisations, the diplomatic service, and in international organisations.

Attached to the Faculty are the Richard Wilhelm Translation Centre, the Research Unit for Taiwanese Culture and Literature, and the Siebold Archive.



Synopsis - Proposal and Preliminary Results Workshop

On May 19th 2019, the AREA Ruhr Proposal and Preliminary Results Workshop took place at the Wolfsburg Academy in Mülheim...
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You are invited to a guest lecture by Prof. Dr. Jörn Dosch

Is Asia still Unique? The Continent's Relevance for Theory-building in Social Sciences

Chair for International Politics and Coordinator for International Relations and ERASMUS of the Faculty for Economic and Social Sciences... Weitere Informationen hier:

Taiwan's Recent Political History in Ten (Election) Advertisements
Part I: 1945-2000
Part II: 2000-2016

Dr. Dafydd J. Fell, SOAS London
Reader in Comparative Politics with special reference to Taiwan at the Department of Political and International Studies SOAS, University of London, Director of the SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies.

Wo: Fakultät für Ostasienwissenschaften, Universitätsstraße 134, Raum 2.06
Wann: Montag, 24. Juni 2019, 16:15-19:00
Part I: 16:15-17:30
15 Min. Pause
Part II: 17:45-19:00
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Research Unit Gratefully Acknowledges Grant for Taiwan Studies Project

The new didactic project "A Teaching Program for History, Culture, and Languages of Taiwan" has been generously supported by the Taiwan Ministry of Education. In this program, scholars from the National Taichung University of Education will be invited to teach courses on the anthropology, social and economic history, linguistics and languages of Taiwan at the Faculty of East Asian Studies of Ruhr University Bochum.
The Research Unit for Taiwanese Culture and Literature coordinates the curriculum.
In the summer term 2019, we are expecting the anthropologist Dr. Cheng An-hsi 鄭安睎, who will teach the course
"Taiwan's ethnic groups between mountains and the sea:
anthropological explorations".

AREA Ruhr Guest Lecture Series
Martin de Jong: Urban and Infrastructure Development in China in an International Perspective | Tue, June 18, 2019, 2-4 pm | Room SG 183, Geibelstr. 41, Duisburg Martin de Jong ...  Jun 18, 2019

Treffen der Initiative zur historischen Japanforschung in Bochum.
Am 25. und 26. Mai 2019 findet die 33. Tagung der Initiative zur historischen Japanforschung an der Ruhr-Universität statt.
Das Programm sowie Informationen zu Anmeldung und Veranstaltungsort finden Sie hier:

Das Ostasienwissenschaftliche Mittagsforum findet im Sommersemester 2019 wieder statt.
Das aktuelle Programm gibt es als PDF-Dokument.

Informationen über die Programme früherer Mittagsforen finden Sie hier:

Das Vorlesungsverzeichnis für das SS 2019
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Neues Kursangebot im SS19:
"Computergestützte Methoden in den Ostasienwissenschaften (und Ihren Nachbardisziplinen)"

Weitere Informationen zu dem zweiteiligen, über den Optionalbereich wählbaren Modul finden Sie unter
eCampus (LV-Nr. 090705, 090704).

Deutschlandstipendium 2019/20 - Start der Bewerbung

Bewerben Sie sich online vom 8. April bis zum 16. Mai für ein Deutschlandstipendium.
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Hier gelangen Sie ab dem 8. April zur Bewerbung:

Alliance for Research on East Asia (AREA - Ruhr):
Die AREA Ruhr führt ihre Vorlesungsreihe im Sommersemester 2019 fort.
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Praktikumsbörse für eine fächerkombinierende Suche
Nähere Informationen dazu finden Sie auf der Seite der Praktikumsbörse der Ruhr-Universität.