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Research Group „Global and Regional Security Governance“

Working Group 1: Cyber Security Governance

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Bersick

Within the scope of the project “EU-China Security Cooperation: Performance and Prospects”, funded by the Jean Monnet Program of the European Union and in cooperation with the University of Essex, the Fudan University, Shanghai and the University of Warwick, the working group deals with questions regarding cyber security governance and the relations between the EU and the PR China. The publication of research results on Cambridge University Press in 2016 is a central outcome of the joint research. Another research focus is the EU´s and China´s role in the development of cyber security and internet governance policies within the G20.

Working Group 2: Maritime and Regional Security Governance

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Bersick

The working group analyses the dynamics of economic and security policy factors in East Asia and asks about the relationship between regional economic ties and maritime security in the region. Besides the interests of influential East Asian actors (especially the PR China, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia), the emphasis lies on the current and future roles of Germany and the EU in East Asia as well as the consequences for the German and European foreign economy and security policy. The research project is conducted in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) and the Asia Institute for Management (AIM) in Manila. The first conference on the topic "Maritime and Regional Security in the Asia-Pacific: Challenges and Prospects for Cooperation" was held in November 2015 in Manila.
Further information regarding this conference and the resulting publications can be found here.

Working Group 3: Food Security Governance

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Bersick; Mitglieder der Working Group: Marvin Bergner, B.Sc. / Julia Breuer, B.A. / Kim Vender, B.A.

Despite the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), which ought to be achieved by 2015, there are still 800 million people worldwide who live in hunger. The student working group works on this problem and the existing institutions and strategies of Food Security Governance. Furthermore, the working group develops ideas to contribute to the realization of the “Zero Hunger Initiative” of the UN. Therefore, Food Insecurity has to be seen as a global challenge, which only can be resolved through international cooperation. The working group focuses on the role being played by East Asian countries such as the PR China regarding the development and implementation of Food Security Governance. On occasion of the EXPO 2015 in Milan, Italy, the working group presented their project “The Potential Role of the New Silk Road” in the course of an international science competition. Upon the invitation of the School of International Relations and Public Affairs (SIRPA) of Fudan University, Shanghai, the working group participated in the “Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance“ (YICGG).