Webinar: "EU Digitalization Strategy and Asia"

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This online webinar will be conducted by Ms. Mireia Paulo.

The EU builds on digital connectivity in Asia: Yet, can the EU do it? Digitalization is changing the way we live and work. It is also changing government policies, regulations, business models and processes, peoples’ communication, among others. However, although technology presents new opportunities, it also creates new challenges including that of cybersecurity resiliency. Can the EU build digital connectivity for Europe and Asia? Can the EU make the most out of it?

This webinar will respond to these questions among others. It will examine first the EU digital strategy and initiatives, paying attention to intra-EU matters such as EU’s laws, values and ethical challenges, and the processes, strategy and policies towards Asia. Then it will look at its digital connectivity strategy in Asia. By doing so, specific issues will be examined such as infrastructure capabilities and building new 5G networks that require a vast amount of investment, currently insufficient from merely European means. It will allow to discuss other issues such as Digital4Development, opportunities and threats (cybersecurity) that digital technologies entail.

A more digitalized world brings business, accountability, and communication opportunities, but also creates cyber threats, values and ethics, as well as compliance glitches. The ICT and ToI sectors are indeed strategic priorities for the EU-Asia relations playing a greater role in their cooperation.

The webinar will be opened to all RUB affiliates, as well as scholars, policy-makers, civil society, practitioners, and economic actors.

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