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Young Faculty Association of the Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Who are we?

Within the framework of the continuously progressing changes at the Ruhr University and the Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry, the young researchers  pursuing their own academic careers (independent group leaders, junior professors, lecturers, etc.) in the department have founded the "Young Faculty Association" (" Hochschullehrernachwuchs (HLN) Chemie") in order to contribute to the ongoing transformations as a group and to advance our shared interests with jointly organized acivities.

What are our activities?

Our activities include regular meetings, in which joint projects are developed and problems concerning the group of people with our status are discussed. Since the summer term 2007, we are hosting our own lecture series  , in which every other week young researchers from other universities (Germany and abroad) are invited to give a presentation. Additionally, research is performed in mutual cooperation, whenever synergies of topics are discovered

What are our goals?

Our ideas concerning the way the interests/goals of the Young Faculty can be included into the ongoing transformation processes at the Ruhr University have been summarized in a position paper   that was worked out in winter 2006 and was agreed upon at the beginning of March 2007.