Dean's Office of the Faculty of Mathematics

Management of the dean's office for staff and finance

Birgit Eberhardt
IB 1/117
Tel. +49(0)234 32-23476

Marketing and Public Relations

Charlotte Schab
IB 2/91
Tel. +49(0)234 32-25391

Examination office for study program bachelor computer science

Marvin Grothus
IB 1/123
Tel. +49(0)23432-19610

The usual consultation hours do not take place at the moment. If you have any inquiries or would like to submit documents, please contact the e-mail address above.

Facility allocation, organisation of teachings, examination office for doctorates

Jasmin Mohagheghi
IB 1/115
Tel. +49(0)234 32-23828

Mo 13.00 - 15:30
Tue 09.00 - 12.00
Wed 13.00 - 15:30
Fr 09.00 - 12.00 Uhr

The usual consultation hours do not take place. If you have any inquiries, please contact Ms. Mohagheghi via e-mail.