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Aims of Spectroscopic Methods (former subsection Spectroscopy):

The associative project "Geowissenschaftliches NMR" was applied by the departments of mineralogy in Bochum, Hamburg, Hannover, Mainz, Münster and Kiel at the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). The introducing period turned out to be difficult, because only a few project participants possess background knowledge about Solid state NMR spectroscopy. Most of the applicants stepped on "New Territories". Missing background knowledge has been acquired, extended and initial difficulties have been overcome by User meetings in half yearly periods and workshops.

In March 1997 the subsection „NMR-spectroscopy" was founded within the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallogrphie (DGK) with the aim to serve as contact for NMR spectroscopic questions and problems, to make this method more transparent, to present their strengths as a useful completion of other structure determining methods and furthermore within the DGK to make it more accessible to a widespread mass of scientists in crystallographic and mineralogical research.

On the last annual conferences however it showed up that by the main topic "Crystallography and Spectroscopy" also the colleagues, who use other spectroscopic methods e.g., Moessbauer spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy, EXAFS, XANES, etc. were very active in the microsymposia. So far there there was no subsection in the DGK, which could give all spectroscopists a home.

Therefore on the general assembly 2009 of the DGK in Hanover the subsection "NMR spectroscopy" was renamed into the subsection "Spectroscopy".

At the general meeting of the DGK in Frankfurt in 2023, the subsections were restructured and the “Spectroscopy” subsection was merged with other methodological subsections into the new subsection “Experimental Methods”.