Editorial Responsibility for the Internet Pages of the Chinese Garden Society

Responsibility for the pages under lies with the webmaster of the Chinese Garden Society, currently
Prof. Gordon Wassermann
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44795 Bochum
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Responsible editor in the sense of the German press law: Prof. Dr. Gordon Wassermann

The Chinese Garden Society is a society registered in Germany. In an appendix to our last corporate tax assessment (for the year 2019) the German tax office (Finanzamt Bochum-Süd) has granted us tax-exempt status because we further the common welfare and pursue socially valuable goals, in particular the promotion of art and culture.

The Society or its members or persons engaged by them are the authors of the text and the graphic content on all internet pages, documents and files published under with the exception of third-party content which we believe is freely licensed or in the public domain. All other content is copyrighted and copying, redistributing or altering it is allowed only with the express permission of the author. This does not apply to copies of web content saved on a personal computer solely for the purpose of viewing it with a browser.

If you believe or are aware that we have published protected content for which we have no permission, please inform the webmaster and if we find this claim to be correct we shall remove this content from our pages without delay.

Legal Notice and Disclaimer

The Chinese Garden Society accepts no liability, within the bounds of law, for the content of its web presence nor for any third-party pages which can be reached by links from its pages. The Society expressly distances itself from the content of any linked pages and does not in any way endorse their content or consider these pages to be its own.