Call for Papers and Posters (Workshop only)

Master- and PhD-students are invited to submit papers or posters on topics related to the main topic of the conference.

Paper submissions must be appropriate for short talks of 20 min. for a total 30 min session.

Papers may not exceed 2500 words including an abstract of 150 words.

Posters should be directly submitted or be described by an abstract of 500 words.

Submissions are to be sent to Robert Schütze ( )

*Submission deadline: May 31st , 2011*

Each speaker will be supported with up to 150,00€, respectively with up to 200,00€ when the speaker is arriving from outside Germany.
Poster presentations will be supported with up to 50,00€, respectively with up to 100,00€ when the participant is arriving from outside Germany.

All travel costs can only be reimbursed on basis of receipts.

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