Call for Papers 2013

The Rudolf-Carnap-Lectures 2013 will be presented by Prof. David Chalmers (NYU/ANU) from May 21st - 23rd.

It is both an honor and a pleasure to host David as next year’s Carnap Lecturer. He is going to give several lectures on the topic „Structuralism, Space and Skepticism“, extending themes from his recent book „Constructing the World“ (OUP 2012).


Tobias Schlicht & Albert Newen


We invite Graduate/PhD students and Post-docs to submit papers on topics related to both the themes of the workshop and of the book. These Talks will each be 20 min. (plus 20 min. discussion). We are trying to provide financial support for the selected presenters to cover at least accommodation during the workshop.

Please submit your papers (prepared for anonymous reviewing) by sending an abstract (max. 1000 words), making thesis and argument transparent, by email to before April 1st, 2013!

Schedule tba

Related Announcement

People who are interested in Dave‘s Carnap-Lectures may also be interested in a conference devoted to his book Constructing the World, organized by the Emmy Noether Research Group From the Armchair, based in Cologne, right after the Carnap Lectures, May 24-26.

Invited Speakers include Magdalena Balcerak Jackson (Cologne), Alex Byrne (MIT), Robin Jeshion (USC), Hannes Leitgeb (Munich), David Liebesman (Boston), Barbara Vetter (HU Berlin), Mark Wilson (Pittsburgh), Stephen Yablo (MIT, tentative).