Prof. Dr. Tobias Schlicht



  • Lichtenbergprofessor for Philosophy with a Focus on Consciousness and Cognition

  • Contact Person for philosophy students who wish to study abroad (Erasmus)

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Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Institut für Philosophie II
Universitätsstraße 150
D-44780 Bochum

Office Hour: Thursday, 12:00 pm
Room: GA 3/29
Phone: +49-234-32-29479


currently vacant

Student Assistance

Paola Gega, BSc
Tel.: +49-234 32-24715
Room: GA 3/38

  Forschungsschwerpunkte/Areas of Specialization


  • Bewusstsein/ Consciousness
  • Situierte Kognition/ Situated Cognition
  • Soziale Kognition/ Social Cognition
  • Kants theoretische Philosophie/ Kant's theoretical philosophy

New research project on 'The Structure and Development of Understanding Actions and Reasons'

Schlicht Newen

  • in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Albert Newen (RUB), Prof. Dr. Josef Perner (Salzburg) und Prof. Dr. Hans-Johann Glock (Zürich)
  • 2018-2022


New Publications

Mentale Reprensatationen

T. Schlicht, Smortchkova, J. (eds.) (2018): Mentale Repräsentationen. Grundlagentexte. Berlin: Suhrkamp.
Soziale Kognition

T. Schlicht (2017): (2018): Soziale Kognition. Hamburg: Junius.

Philosophical Studies_

T. Schlicht (2017): Experiencing organisms. From Mineness to subject of experience, in: Philosophical Studies.



T. Schlicht (2018): Does separating intentionality from representation imply radical enactivism? in: Frontiers in Psychology.

Upcoming Events:

  • Phenomenal Intentionality. Workshop with Angela Mendelovici, July 2-3, 2019, further details

                    Phenomenal Int 5xs