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abgeschlossene Dissertationen

  • Beyond Classical Random Matrix Ensembles: Some Results on Deviation Principles
    (Jens C. Sommerauer)
  • Moderate deviations and Berry-Esseen bounds for random graphs and further symmetric statistics
    (Hanna Döring)
  • Wigner theorems with correlations and deviations for the largest eigenvalue of biorthogonal ensembles
    (Katrin Credner)
  • Stein's method and applications to statistical mechanics
    (Bastian Martschink)
  • New developments in Stein’s method with applications
    (Christian Döbler)
  • Refined Asymptotics for Sums of Random Exponentials and for Nonlinear Functionals of Rademacher Random Variables
    (Anselm Reichenbachs)
  • The discrete Malliavin-Stein method for normal and Poisson approximation
    (Kai Krokowski)