10. - 14.09.2018: Workshop "Geometry and representation theory at the interface of Lie algebras and quivers"
09.11.2017: BIBO-Seminar (in Bielefeld)
23.06.2017: BIBO-Seminar (in cooperation with the BIREP-group in Bielefeld), Room NA 3/64
--> 14:00-15:00: Ögmundur Eirikson (Bielefeld) - Quiver-graded Richardson orbits
--> 15:30-16:30: Volker Genz (Bochum) - On crystal structures on canonical bases for cluster algebras
21. - 24.03.2017: Workshop "Quiver Grassmannians and their Applications" in Wuppertal
27. - 28.01.2017: Darstellungstheorietage 2016 in Wuppertal
22.07.2016: 18. NWDR-Workshop


Balazs Elek (Cornell University), January 2018
Dr. Gleb A. Koshevoy (Moscow), November 2017
Dr. Xin Fang (Cologne), October 2017
Dr. Evgeny Feigin (Moscow), October 2017
Prof. Dr. Ghislain Fourier (Hannover), October 2017
Sebastian Opper (Cologne), September 2017
Amelie Schreiber (Connecticut), September 2017
Dr. Jacinta Perez Gavilan Torres (Leipzig), June 2017
Dr. Gleb Koshevoy (Moscow), May 2017
Arik Wilbert (Bonn), November 2016
Dr. Hans Franzen (Bonn), June 2016
Dr. Giovanni Cerulli-Irelli (Rome), June 2016
Marcel Maslovaric (Göttingen), April 2016

Recent publications and preprints

  • G. Bellamy, M. Boos: Semi-simplicity of the category of admissible D-modules. Preprint (2017)
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  • P. Kucharski, M. Reineke, M. Stosic, P. Sułkowski: Knots-quivers correspondence. Preprint (2017)
  • P. Kucharski, M. Reineke, M. Stosic, P. Sułkowski: BPS states, knots and quivers. Preprint (2017)