Master Studies in European Culture and Economy (ECUE)

Understanding Europe and shaping its future. Studying European politics, economics, society, and culture in current and historical contexts

Titelbild Ecue

This interdisciplinary and international Masters degree is an increasing sought-after study program regularly offered by the Ruhr University Bochum since the winter semester of 1999/2000.

During the Master Studies program period of four semesters, you will have the opportunity to study cultural and economic contexts at the renowned Ruhr University Bochum. With regard to its content the studies program focuses on an international and above all European context. Our central idea is to discuss the convergence and divergence of the European social, cultural and economic area within a comparative perspective. The mulitdisciplinary aim of the program is to analyse all relevant aspects concerning Europe and the European Union and to detect and understand the connections between them. These include, for example, economic interdependences, political dynamics as well as social developments.

This qualification as a "specialist generalist" offers you the chance to choose between various career paths, for example working with international companies, institutions and organisations, including research.

Take a look at the new ECUE-film and learn about the options and possibilities that the ECUE-program offers for students and alumni alike.