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PR.INT Workshop vom 2-3 September 2016:

Spoils in the Early Roman Republic:

The workshop will explore a wide range of topics relating to the nature and impact of spoils in the early Roman Republic. It features 8 papers from scholars from the UK, the Netherlands, Austria, and Germany, and will include significant time to discuss the various issues raised. Papers will be approximately 25 minutes long, followed by 10-15 minutes of discussion and will investigate the modes of acquisition, distribution, utilization and appropriation of spoils, and the long-term effects of resource reallocation on Roman Italy and its neighbouring regions.

The workshop is sponsored by the RUB Research School of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum.
It will be hosted at the Faculty of History (GA 6/62) on Friday 2 September, and the sessions will be held at the International Convention Center Beckmanns Hof on Saturday 3 September.

All are welcome to attend, although space will be limited so please notify us in advance, if you intend to participate.

Check out the poster for more details.
Any questions should be directed to Marian Helm