Center of Solvation Science

Press releases 2014

Here, the English press releases are posted. You find further press releases (in German) on the German version of this page.

2014/03/11: Press release 29 der RUB (German Language)

Startschuss für Forschungsbau ZEMOS
Expertise zu Lösungsmittelprozessen bündeln
Grundsteinlegung für Mai geplant

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Press releases 2013

17.06.2013: Press Release No. 184, RUB

Sometimes less is more
RUB researchers unmask Janus-faced nature of mechanical forces with the Jülich supercomputer
Nature Chemistry: reaction speed does not always increase in proportion to the applied force

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28.05.2013: Press Release No. 158, RUB

All about solvation science
Official starting signal for the Cluster of Excellence RESOLV
International Opening Symposium at the RUB

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29.04.2013: Press Release No. 127, RUB

Mysterious catalyst explained how tiny gold particles aid the production of plastic components
RUB researchers report in “Angewandte Chemie”

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14.03.2013: Press Release No. 80, RUB

Chemical chameleon tamed
RUB researchers give floppy molecule a structure through solvent effects
Computer simulations show: protonated methane is tamed by microsolvation

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12.03.2013: Press Release No. 76, RUB

Small particles with a bright future
EU funds “LUMINET” project with 3.6 million Euros
Novel luminescent materials to reduce global energy demand

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21.02.2013: Press Release No. 53, RUB

When water speaks
Solvents make catalysts more efficient
RUB researchers analyse interfaces between water and catalyst with computer simulations

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20.02.2013: Press Release No. 51, RUB

Painting with catalysts
Nano-engineered materials for detoxifying water by use of sunlight
EU supports project “4G-PHOTOCAT” with 3.7 million Euro funding

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01.01.2013: Press Release No. 1, RUB

Dance of water molecules turns fire-coloured beetles into antifreeze artists
RUB researchers and colleagues describe new mode of action for antifreeze proteins in PNAS
Water dynamics mediates interaction between proteins and ice crystals

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