Center of Solvation Science

Press releases 2010

Here, the English press releases are posted. You find further press releases (in German) on the German version of this page.

19.10.2010: Press release 198, RUB

Molecular design of solid catalysts
Honorary doctorate for Humboldt prize winner Avelino Corma
RUB Day of Chemistry: honorary doctorate, colloquium, talk

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04.10.2010: Press release 309, RUB

Reducing CO2 Emissions By Photochemical Recycling To Useful Chemicals
A new BMBF junior research group founded in Industrial Chemistry at RUB
1.18 Million Euro grant for development of heterogeneous photocatalysts

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09.09.2010: Press release 250, RUB

Why fish don’t freeze in the Arctic Ocean
RUB chemists unmask natural antifreeze
Anti-freeze protein affects the movement of surrounding water molecules

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24.08.2010: Press release 252, RUB

Mapping the structure of protonated water clusters

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