The Research Unit for Taiwanese Culture and Literature (TRU) is a platform for scholarly exchange in the field of Taiwan Studies. It houses one of the largest research libraries on the subject of Taiwanese culture and literature in Europe and continuously expands its cooperation with experts and institutions specializing in research and teaching about Taiwan. Its focus includes linguistic, historical, media-related, and political topics. For the history of the Research Unit, see here.

Christine Moll-Murata, Chair Professor for History of China, is the director of the Research Unit. The co-director is Christian Schwermann, Chair Professor for Chinese Language and Literature.

Current Projects

The German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has awarded a grant to four post-doc researchers to conduct the joint research program TAP (Taiwan als Pionier) for a duration of four years.


Since spring 2019, the Taiwan Ministry of Education generously supports the project "A Teaching Program for History, Culture, and Languages of Taiwan".

Taiwan Teaching Program

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