Homotopical Group Theory and Topological Algebraic Geometry

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Bonn, Germany

June 23-27 2008

Conference in honour of Haynes Miller

On the occasion of his 60th birthday

Supported by


Organizing Committee

  • M. Ando (UIUC)

  • C.F. Bödigheimer (local organizer)

  • J. Grodal (Copenhagen)

  • G. Laures (Bochum)

  • B. Shipley (UIC)

Conference Topics

The conference focuses on the new interactions of Algebraic Topology with Group Theory, Algebraic Geometry and Mathematical Physics which come from looking at these fields through the eye of a homotopy theorist. It celebrates one of the contributors to the subject by honoring the 60th birthday of Haynes Miller (MIT). One week before the conference there will be a workshop at the University of Copenhagen with lecture series by Bill Dwyer (Notre Dame) and by Paul Goerss (Northwestern).

Scientific Program

The following invited speakers have agreed to contribute with lectures:

  • K. Andersen (Aarhus)

  • T. Bauer (Münster)

  • M. Behrens (MIT)

  • N. Castellana (Barcelona)

  • B. Dwyer (Notre Dame)

  • V. Gorbounov (Aberdeen)

  • M. Hopkins (Harvard)

  • N. Kitchloo (UCSD)

  • J. Lurie (MIT)

  • J. Lannes (Polytechnique)

  • J. Morava (Johns Hopkins)

  • B. Oliver (Paris 13)

  • C. Rezk (UIUC)

  • B. Richter (Hamburg)

  • J. Smith (UBC)

  • S. Stolz (Notre Dame)

  • D. Sullivan (Stony Brooke)

  • B. Toen (Toulouse)

  • B. Totaro (Cambridge)

Schedule and Informations for Speakers

The talks start Monday morning June 23rd and end Friday afternoon June 27th. Here is a more detailed schedule. We expect approximately 250 participants. The talks take place in the “Grossen Hoersaal” of the Mathematical Institute in the Wegelerstrasse which has only slightly more seats. There is a large blackboard, overhead projectors, a beamer and a microphone.

Travel Information

Most visitors will fly to Frankfurt/Main Airport (FRA). After arriving go to the railway station and take a train of the Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) to Siegburg-Bonn station. From the platform at the Siegburg-Bonn station go down to the street car stop. Enter a street car and drop at Bonn Central Rail Station (Hauptbahnhof). The duration is about 25 minutes. Then follow the directions on the map to the lecture hall "Grosser Hoersaal" of the Mathematical Institute in the Wegelerstrasse or to your hotel which is in walking distance. If you don't want to walk you can catch a cab in front of the station. Here is a list of hotels:

Hotel Ibis

Hotel Europa

Hotel Kurfuerstenhof

Hotel Daufenbach

Hotel Beethoven

Travelers to the Jugendherberge Bonn go to the central bus station in front of the Hauptbahnhof. Take the bus line no. 621 from platfrom A2 in the direction Ippendorf-Altenheim to the stop "Jugendherberge".

If you arrive at Dusseldorf airport (DUS) you take the train to Bonn Central Rail Station (Hauptbahnhof). (You might have to change trains in Dusseldorf Hauptbahnhof to do so.) If you arrive at Cologne/Bonn airport (CGN) enter an airport bus (Line no. 670) to Bonn Central Rail Station (Hauptbahnhof). From here you proceed as above.

Please contact admin at mpim-bonn.mpg.de for questions about your accommodation.

Reimbursements and Practical Matters

Each participant has received an invitation which provides some information about the individual financial support. The German money is paid in cash on Tuesday morning at the Institute during the coffee break. For the NSF money there are travel claim forms available in the info pack or at the webpage which have to be completed and sent after the conference. The info pack also provides a name tag which serves as an entrance card to the lecture hall and to the library, access information to wlan of the Institute and to the computers of the MPI, a map of Bonn with a list of restaurants and an optional conference ticket for public transportation in Bonn. The ticket can be ordered over the registration page.

Conference Excursions

The conference dinner and excursion to Linz is on Wednesday afternoon. If you still want to register, please send an email to the administration. There are two further social events: a guided tour to the Zoo of Cologne on Tuesday and a Beethoven walk on Thursday. Here is the registration page. Information about other places of interest such as museums or concert halls will be available in the info pack. For instance, the Romanian Summer takes place during the week and the Euro Cub. On Thursday and on Friday there is a conference soccer on a field of a nearby school.

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