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Molecular genetics laboratory

The large molecular genetic S1-laboratory at the Department of Animal Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity is well equipped and allows our researchers to address a great variety of different biological questions in the fields of ecology, evolution and biodiversity.
Current projects are centered around the evolution of phenotypic plasticity and population genetics of Daphnia pulex, the recent evolutionary history of Antarctic benthic taxa, barcoding, phylogeny
and population genetics of hard and soft corals as well as phylogeography and population genetics of different teleost fish species. We apply a variety of molecular techniques to answer
the questions addressed: DNA sequencing, microsatellite and AFLP analyses, DGGE analyses etc.

Major technical equipment

Licor 4300 DNA analyzer
The core facility of our laboratory is a
LI-COR 4300 DNA analyzer for microsatellite and AFLP analyses and DNA sequencing.

Denaturing gel gradient electrophoresis - DGGE
We operate a BioRad DGGE system capable of mutation detection as well as microbial community analyses.

PCR machines
We have eight PCR machines for regular, gradient and multiplex PCR.

Gel runs and documentation
We use fast and easy mini and midi chambers for agarose gel electrophoresis. Both, the gel run equipment and the documentation unit are located in a separate room to keep the main laboratories free from contamination with ethidiumbromide.

Our lab is well equipped with modern table centrifuges, cooling-centrifuges and 96-well-plate centrifuges to process many samples within short time.

The S1- cloning laboratory is equipped with a sterile hood used for cloning and cell culture.

RNA workbench
We have a special workbench assigned solely to the work with RNA.

To store the great number of samples from many places around the world, we have a core unit of three large -20°C and one -80°C freezers for samples only.

Individually assigned workplaces guarantee optimal working conditions in the molecular laboratory for each student and researcher.

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