Group leaders & Senior Scientists

Dr. Daniel Siegmund
Groupleader ElectroCatalysis@Fraunhofer UMSICHT
Daniel Siegmund
✆ +49 208 8598-1578

Dr. Kai junge Puring
Senior Scientist@Fraunhofer UMSICHT
Kai junge Puring
✆ +49 208 8598-1529

Our specialist for hydrogen and co-electrolysis technologies.


Dr. Sebastian Sanden

Sebastian is interested in electrochemical OER, ORR and HER on an industrial prototype level.

Dr. Mohamed Barakat (AvH Postdoc)

Mohamed is interested in material doping and their electrochemical OER, ORR and HER properties.

PhD Students

Sarah Bimmermann (PhD)

The synthesis of multimetallic complexes is a main part of her thesis.

Julian Kleinhaus (PhD-Student)
Julian Kleinhaus

Julian investigates electrochemical organic reactions using heterogenous and homogenous approaches.

Tatiana Guseva (PhD)

Tatiana is interested in the small molecule activation by [FeFe]-hydrogenase mimics and cyclam derivatives.

Lucas Hoof
PhD@Fraunhofer UMSICHT
Lucas Hoof

Lucas designs & builds new electrochemical cells for hydrogen generation and carbon dioxide reduction.

Tobias Kull (PhD-Student)
Tobias Kull

The conversion of syngas to small olefines is a main target for Tobias.

Philipp Gerschel (Kekulé-fellow of the "Fonds der chemischen Industrie")
Philipp Gerschel

Philipp is interested in the design and synthesis of novel cyclam based complexes as potential electrocatalysts for the CO2 and proton reduction.

Marc Greuel
PhD@Fraunhofer UMSICHT
Marc Greuel

Developing new catalysts for tandem heterogenous reactions is the main target for Marcs PhD thesis.

Linda Iffland-Mühlhaus
Linda Iffland-Mülhaus

Interested in new cyclam/isocyclam complexes? Then Linda is the right person to ask for.

Julia Jökel (PhD fellowship of the "Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU)")
Julia Jökel

If you are interested in Cryptand-chemistry with defined bimetallics - that's the main topic of Julias PhD thesis.

David Tetzlaff
aka "Head of ball milling"
PhD@Fraunhofer UMSICHT
David Tetzlaff

Desining surfaces for the electrochemical hydrogen formation is the main topic of his PhD thesis.

Mathias Smialkowski
Mathias Smialkowski

Mathias is interested in the basic and acidic electrochemical formation of hydrogen utilizing Pentlandite materials.

Shanika Yadav (PhD fellowship of the "DAAD")
Shanika Yadav

If you are seeking for unprecedented hydrogenase models you certainly have to ask Shanika.

Alina Gawel
PhD Student@Fraunhofer UMSICHT

Transitionmetal chalcogenides in Gas diffusion electrodes for CO2 reduction - that is the main topic of Alinas PhD thesis.

Ramineh Rad
Ramineh Rad

Ramineh is designing & building electrochemical cells for electrobiocatalytic processes.

Jyotiprokash Biswas
Jyotiprokash Biswas

Multimetallic complexes for the CO2 and N2 fixation are the main topics of Jyotis PhD thesis.

Theresa Jaster
PhD Student@Fraunhofer UMSICHT

Theresa is interested in new design strategies for electrodes (including gas diffusion electrodes) for low and high pressure applications.

Sung Youn Suh
PhD Student@Fraunhofer UMSICHT

Sulfides, sulfides and sulfides in heterogenous conversions... this topic drives Youn Suh.

Kevinjeorjios Pellumbi
PhD@Fraunhofer UMSICHT

Interested in synergistic effects in heterogenous chemistry and gas diffusion electrodes - ask Jorgo.

Leonard Messing
PhD@Fraunhofer UMSICHT

If you want to do electrochemistry in novel cell stacks - then Leonard is the right person to ask.

Franziska Winter
PhD@Fraunhofer UMSICHT

If ammonia is what you want - Franziska is the rigth person to ask.