Project B9 (Sauvage)

Medial temporal lobe structures underlying sensory information processing during memory retrieval


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A current major controversy in recognition memory comprises whether the neural substrate for familiarity for sensory information is the parahippocampal region of the brain, or whether the hippocampus also supports this process. In addition, it remains unclear whether different parts of this region are recruited when different type of sensory modalities are involved. In the present proposal, we explore whether familiarity is exclusively supported by some of the parahippocampal regions: the perirhinal and lateral entorhinal cortices, and whether using odor or object-based tasks alters the pattern of brain activation observed in models of familiarity-only judgements, with and without functional hippocampal involvement. To do so, we will combine behavioural and functional neuroanatomical techniques as well as structural magnetic resonance imaging in rats.

Prof. Dr. Magdalena Sauvage
Department Functional Architecture of Memory
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