Mitarbeiter / staff

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Prof. Dr. Adrian Immenhauser
Lehrstuhl (Chair) für Sediment- und Isotopengeologie
IA 5/185
Tel: +49-234-32-28250

Curriculum Vitae
Fundamental research: process-oriented sedimentology, paleoceanography, inorganic geochemistry, carbonate diagenesis, sequence stratigraphy, bio-induced sedimentology, continental climate research
Applied research: carbonate reservoir surface analogues and carbonates in cores with focus on reservoir facies, reservoir compartmentalisation, rock properties, and porosity evolution
  Cornelia Schäfer
IA 5/069
Tel: +49-234-32-23250

Sediment Petrographie, lakustrine und kontinentale Archive / Sediment petrography lacustrine and continental archives

  Junior Prof. Dr. Ola Kwiecien
IA 4/077
Tel: +49-234-32-23252

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Research interests: Paleoclimatology and paleolimnology, mechanisms of abrupt climate change, lacustrine carbonate chemistry, pore water chemistry, hydrological and chemical evolution of endorheic basins, proxy calibration
  Cinthya Nava Fernandez
Doktorandin/PhD (Breitenbach)
IA 5/173
Tel: +49-234-32-25457
Research interests: speleothem science, palaeoclimatology, geochemistry, cave monitoring in New Zealand, reconstruction of ENSO dynamics

Member of the QUEST project
  Prof. em. Dr. Detlev Richter
IA 4/075
Tel: +49-234-32-23253
Research interests: Sedimentology and petrography, speleothem research, dolomitization, quartz provenance, clay minerals, heavy minerals
Marine Sedimentologie, Geochemie und Klimaarchive / Marine sedimentology, geochemistry and climate archives

  Dr. Chelsea Pederson
IA 5/181
Tel: +49-234-32-25584
Research interests: Deposition and diagenesis of modern and ancient carbonate deposits, using organic geochemistry, inorganic proxies, and geomicrobiology, with a focus on process of alteration during differing burial conditions
  Alexander Hüter
Doktorand/PhD (Immenhauser)
IA 5/177
Tel: +49-234-32-27768
Research interests:
Aptian palaeoceanography, palaeoecology, carbonate platforms
  Onyedika Anthony Igbokwe
Doktorand/PhD (Immenhauser)
IA 5/175
Tel: +49-234-32-23255
Research interests:
Carbonate sedimentology, fracture-controlled dolomitization, multi-scale fracture pattern analysis and modelling, petrography and isotope geochemistry
  Mathias Müller
Doktorand/PhD (Immenhauser)
IA 5/181
Tel: +49-234-32-25584
Research interests:
Project TP2 in collaborative research program CHARON (DFG Forschergruppe 1644). Phase II with focus on the significance of dolomitized limestone archives. Research topics will include petrography, geochemistry (conventional, non-traditional and carbonate clumped isotope geochemistry, fluid inclusions, triple oxygen thermometry). The aim is to assess the archive potential of dolomitized limestones throughout Earth history
Yuzhu Ge
Doktorand/PhD (Immenhauser)
IA 5/177
Tel: +49-234-32-27768
Research interests:
Sedimentology and petrography, inorganic carbon and oxygen isotope proxies, early marine diagenesis and cementation
Kevin Lippert
Doktorand/PhD (Bracke/Immenhauser)
International Geothermal Centre (GZB) G1-1
Tel: +49-234-32-10861
Research interests:
Reservoir engineering, petrophysics, sedimentology and petrography, karst formation, dolomitization, (micro-) facies analysis, geochemistry
Yongjie Hu
Doktorand/PhD (Immenhauser)
IA 5/175
Tel: +49-234-32-23255
Research interests:
Precambrian marine dolomite, dolomitization, marine archives, deeply buried carbonate reservoirs and their diagenesis
Geochemie - Isotopen Labor / Geochemistry - Isotope laboratory

  Dr. Dieter Buhl
Akad. Oberrat
IA 01/157
Tel: +49-234-32-25462 / 25458
Research interests: Radiogenic and non-conventional stable isotopes (Sr, Ca, Mg), ICP-AES, AAS, trace element geochemistry
  Dr. Sylvia Riechelmann
Akad. Rätin
IA 01/157
Tel: +49-234-32-25462 / 25458
Research interests: traditional and non-traditional stable isotopes (C, O, H, Mg, Ca), major and trace element geochemistry, and radiogenic isotopes (Sr) of carbonates and waters; paleoclimate and paleoenvironmental reconstructions; continental and marine climate archives (e.g., speleothems); diagenesis; cave monitoring; hydrogeochemistry
  Dr. Sebastian Breitenbach
IA 5/179
Tel: +49-234-32-22307
Research interests: Speleothem Science, Reconstruction of past environmental fluctuations, Climate and Society, Stable isotope geochemistry (d18O, d13C, clumped isotopes) Proxy and method development, Cave monitoring






  Beate Gehnen
Chemisch-Techn. Assistentin
IA 01/159
Tel: +49-234-32-25455 / 24814
Probenaufbereitung und -messung von stabilen Isotopen (C, H, N, S, O)
  Kathrin Krimmler
Chemisch-Techn. Assistentin
IA 01/159
Tel: +49-234-32-25455 / 24814
Probenaufbereitung und -messung von stabilen Isotopen (C, H, N, S, O. Mg)
Rasterelektronenmikroskopie und Kathodolumineszenz / Scanning Electron Microscopy and Cathodoluminescence

  Dr. Rolf Neuser
wiss. Bereichsleiter Mikroanalytisches Labor
Zentrales REM
IB 02/161
Tel: +49-234-32-23203
-23338 / -28338
Forschungsinteressen: Hochauflösende Rasterelektronenmikroskopie (HR-FEM), Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD), energiedispersive Röntgenanalyse (EDX), Kathodolumineszenzmikroskopie (CL) und -spektroskopie (HRS-CL)
  Dr. René Hoffmann;
Scientist, Laborleiter REM/CL
IA 5/053
Tel: +49-234-32-23256
-23338 / -28338
Research interests: Cephalopods - Recent and extinct, phylogenetic-systematics, biostratigraphy, quantitative morphology, functional morphology, biogenic carbonates as (paleo-) environmental recorder, high-resolution, non-invasive imaging methods (micro-CT, nano-CT, synchrotron radiation)
  Sabine Weisel
IB 02/163
Tel: +49-234-32-24136
Mikroanalyt. Labor, REM CL EMP
Ehemalige Mitarbeiter / Former Employees

  Dr. Peter Görgen
GEO-data, Gesellschaft
für Logging-Service mbH

Dr. Johan ten Veen
TNO - Built Environment and Geosciences
Geological Survey of the Netherlands
Princetonlaan 6
P.O. Box 80015
3508 TA Utrecht
The Netherlands

  Barbara Raczek

  Dr. Niels Rameil
Neftex Petroleum Consultants

  Dr. Dana Riechelmann
Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Geographisches Institut

  Sabine Sitter
Sekretariat Inst. f. Geologie, Mineralogie u. Geophysik
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Raum: NA 01/132
Tel: +49 234 32 23233

  Dr. Ulrike Schulte
Akad. Rätin
IA 5/0141
Tel: +49 - (0)234 - 32 26124
  Noushin Arshadi
Labortechnikerin Technische Chemie
NBCF 04/688
Tel: +49-234-32-26834
  Dr. Baris Yerli
  Dr. Stefan Huck
Leibnitz Universität Hannover
Institut für Geologie
Callinstr. 30
30167 Hannover
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Heimhofer
Leibnitz Universität Hannover
Institut für Geologie
Callinstr. 30
30167 Hannover

  Dr. Melanie Turpin
  Dr. Rute Coimbra
  Dr. Ariane Kujau
  Dr. Melody Stein
  Dr. Nicolas Christ
  Dr. Jasper Wassenburg
  Dr. Sabine Hahn
  Dr. Anna Geske
  Dr. François-Nicolas Krencker
  Prof. Dr. Stéphane Bodin

Aarhus University
Department of Geoscience
8000 Aarhus C
Tel. +45 87156471
  Dr. Juan-Pablo Navarro Ramirez
  Dr. Andrea Niedermayr
Akad. Rätin, Hydrogeochemie
NA 4/131
Tel: +49-234-32-25454
  Dr. Ann-Christine Ritter
  Shazlia Abdalla
  Felix Tillman Meyer
  Dr. Jeremy McCormack
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology