Schemaic Mapping Workshop, Bochum, Germany, April 2022

Venue & Travel


The workshop will be held on-site in Bochum, Germany, at Beckmanns Hof — a historical farmhouse at the edge of the university campus, next to the botanical garden. There is no live online component to the workshop.

Campus is a bit of a maze: see this video on how to get from the metro station "Ruhr-Universität" to the venue.

When planning your route, be sure to check that you are going to Beckmanns Hof on campus (Im Lottental 88a, 44801 Bochum), not Restaurant Beckmannshof, which is also in Bochum, but a completely different part of town.

Picture of Beckmanns Hof

The venue itself is handicapped accessible, but hard to reach without taking a significant number of stairs coming from the metro station. Get in contact with us if you need assistence planning how to get to the venue.
!! COVID !!
Note that due to general governmental and university rules, face masks (medical or FFP-2) must be worn:

The speakers will be able to take off their mask, since they will be far enough away from the audience; masks may be taken off for food and drinks.

We follow evolving government and university rules and regulations; watch this space for potentially updated information.


To Bochum
Bochum is reasonably well connected in the German railway network, so if you're traveling nationally or from a neighbouring country, that may be your best option. See for details.
Nearby airports include Düsseldorf, Essen and Dortmund. From there, you can get to Bochum by train. For further information visit
To get from downtown to the workshop venue, use metro line U35 to the stop "Ruhr-Universität." The ride takes roughly 10 minutes and runs many times per hour; the walk on campus is another 10 minutes and includes several stairs up and down. See this video on how to get from the metro station to the venue.
The map below indicates the main conference locations. We will update it with touristic information and accomodation options as the workshop draws closer; feel free to contact us if you need additional information.