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The "Holzbau-GIS" project by the Resource Efficient Building (ReB) working group is awarded the Humboldtⁿ Initiative Sustainability Prize.

The aim of the communication tool is to demonstrate the potential of using wood products as a material in the construction industry, as an additional climate protection measure for municipalities and to make it practically manageable. This allows the possibilities of climate protection measures to be presented at municipal level and integrated into urban planning at an early stage.

The Holzbau-GIS project provides a concrete reference to Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction through building and renovation with wood by making carbon storage in durable wood products and GHG reduction potentials assessable at municipal level for specific buildings.

How our project contributes to sustainability...

The GIS-based Municipal Information System for Timber Construction (Holzbau-GIS) supports the sustainable and holistic transformation of the municipal building stock and offers various stakeholders and authorities the opportunity to evaluate the environmental impact of renovation measures or new construction projects. - The tool can support innovative decision-making processes and the transfer into practice has a model character.


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The New European Bauhaus Collateral Event of the 18th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia on 25 and 26 May 2023 titled "Radical yet possible future space solutions".

For the first time, the European Union will be present with an event at the International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia. Following the central theme of the Biennale Architettura 2023, “Laboratory of the Future”, and in line with the mission of the New European Bauhaus, the conference has been designed as a radical, intellectual and practical laboratory of the future.

The event will allow experts, students, and visitors to experiment, discover and design the future with the power of their minds.

The participants will reflect on radical, yet possible, human actions leading to a better use of space and resources. In particular, they will discuss new ways of living, and how to go beyond the conviction that the future of the humankind is bound to already existing solutions.

During the event, Annette Hafner, is going to join the Lab 3 entitled "Designing for possible futures - How will we build for resilience?"

German Timber Construction Prize 2023 awarded

Together with Federal Minister of Housing, Urban Development and Construction Klara Geywitz, Prof.'in Dr.-Ing. Annette Hafner, Head of the Chair of Resource-Efficient Construction, chaired the jury for the German Timber Construction Award 2023. The award ceremony took place on May 16, 2023 as part of the world's leading trade fair for the international woodworking and wood processing industry, LIGNA, in Hanover.

As part of this year's German Timber Construction Award, a 16-member expert jury headed by Prof.'in Dr.-Ing. Annette Hafner evaluated 149 project submissions on innovative new buildings, successful building renovations and new developments in the product sector. Finally, the jury honored three projects with the German Timber Construction Award and awarded recognition to ten other buildings.

During the event, Prof. Dr. Annette Hafner was also able to present research from the Chair of Resource-Efficient Construction to Ms. Geywitz.

Further information on the German Timber Construction Award can be found here.

Foto: © Anja Frick | Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hafner explains the chair's research projects to Federal Building Minister Geywitz.