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090 358: Political Economy of Japan and Globalisation (Prof. dr. bernadette andreosso-o'callaghan)

Modul: ASO/RIO, 2st

Zeit: Mi, 14.00-16.00

Ort: GA 03/140

Empfohlenes Semester: ab 1. Semester M.A.

CP: 4,5

Voraussetzungen: Good reading ability of Japanese language sources desirable yet no prerequisite.
A basic (!) knowledge of English as a working language.

Kommentar: The seminar will be offered by our visiting scholar, Prof. Bernadette Andreosso-O’Callaghan of the Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick, Ireland.
The seminar will analyse the historical trajectory of Japan’s socio-economic development and its integration into the world economy. It will discuss key concepts and outcomes of economic policy in Japan and the impact of a changing environment on Japan and Japan’s regional significance. Finally, it will compare the Japanese variety of capitalism with other emerging states in East Asia.

A detailed list of topics and readings will be presented at the first meeting Wednesday, 2nd May 2012. The seminar will be taught Wednesdays from 2nd May to 1st July and will conclude with two 6 hours workshops on current issues in Japan’s political economy.

This seminar offers an excellent opportunity to improve or further develop the ability to conduct academic work in English.

Vorbesprechung/Beginn: Mi, 02.05.2012

Sprechstunde: n.V.