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Selected Papers:


Link G, Coen D, Bogorad L (1978) Differential expression of the gene for the large subunit of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase in maize leaf cell types. Cell 15: 725-731 PDF

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Kestermann M, Neukirchen S, Kloppstech K, Link G (1998) Sequence and expression characteristics of a nuclear-encoded chloroplast sigma factor from mustard (Sinapis alba). Nucleic Acids Res 26: 2747-2753 PDF

Pfannschmidt T, Ogrzewalla K, Baginsky S, Sickman A, Meyer HE, Link G (2000) The multisubunit chloroplast RNA polymerase A from mustard (Sinapis alba L.): Integration of a prokaryotic core into a larger complex with organelle-specific functions. Eur J Biochem 267: 253-261 PDF

Baena-Gonzalez E, Baginsky S, Mulo P, Summer H, Aro E-M, Link G (2001) Chloroplast Transcription at Different Ligt Intensities. Glutathione-Mediated Phosphorylation of the Major RNA Polymerase Involved in Redox-Regulated Organellar Gene Expression. Plant Physiol 127: 1044-1052 PDF

Ogrzewalla K, Piotrowski M, Reinbothe S, Link G (2002) The plastid transcription kinase from mustard (Sinapis alba L.) - a nuclear-encoded CK2-type chloroplast enzyme with redox-sensitive function. Eur J Biochem 269: 3329-3337 PDF

Homann A, Link G (2003) DNA-binding and transcriptional characteristics of three cloned sigma factors from mustard (Sinapis alba L.) suggest overlapping and distinct roles in plastid gene expression. Eur J Biochem 270: 1288-1300 PDF

Link G (2003) Redox regulation of chloroplast transcription. Antiox Redox Signal 5: 79-88 (Abstract)

Loschelder H, Homann A, Ogrzewalla K, Link G (2004) Proteomics-based sequence analysis of plant gene expression - the chloroplast transcription apparatus. Phytochemistry 65: 1785-1793 (Abstract)

Baginsky S, Link G (2005) Redox regulation of chloroplast gene expression. In: Photoprotection, photoinhibition, gene regulation and environment (B Demmig-Adams et al., eds). Springer, Dordrecht, NL, pp 269-287

Loschelder H, Schweer J, Link B, Link G (2006) Dual temporal role of plastid sigma factor 6 in Arabidopsis development. Plant Physiol 142: 642-650 PDF

Schweer J, Loschelder H, Link G (2006) A promoter switch that can rescue a plant sigma factor mutant. FEBS Lett 580: 6617-6622 PDF

Schweer J, Geimer S, Meurer J, Link G (2009) Arabidopsis mutants carrying chimeric sigma factor genes reveal regulatory determinants for plastid gene expression. Plant Cell Physiol 50: 1382-1386  PDF

Schweer J, Türkeri H, Link B, Link G (2010) AtSIG6, a plastid sigma factor from Arabidopsis, reveals functional impact of cpCK2 phosphorylation. Plant J 62: 192-202 PDF

Schweer J (2010) Plant sigma factors come of age: flexible transcription factor network for regulated plastid gene expression. Endocytobiosis Cell Res 20: 1-20 PDF

Schweer J, Türkeri H, Kolpack A, Link G (2010) (2010) Role and regulation of plastid sigma factors and their functional interactors during chloroplast transcription -- Recent lessons from Arabidopsis thaliana. Eur J Cell Biol 89: 940-946 PDF

Türkeri H, Schweer J, Link G (2012) Phylogenetic and functional features of the plastid transcription kinase cpCK2 from Arabidopsis signify a role of cysteinyl SH-groups in regulatory phosphorylation of plastid sigma factors. FEBS J 279: 395-409 PDF

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            ISBN 3-13-102021-0  (1996)                          ISBN 0-19-850204-4 (1998)

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