Bachelor Courses
Course No.. 176103:
Übungen zur Vorlesung Allgemeine Chemie, (Exercises related to the lecture on general chemistry)
Lecturers: Fockenberg, T., Marler, B.
2 hours per week, Credits: 6.0, Recommended Semester 1,
Written exercises complementing the lecture on general chemistry.
Course No. 176204:
Chemie für Geowissenschaftler (Chemistry for geoscientists)
Lecturers: Fockenberg, T, Marler, B.
1 hour per week, Credits: 2, Recommended Semester: 2,
Lecture with exercises, 1 hour per week: Selected Topics of General Chemistry and Introduction into chemical analysis with respect to typical geoscience.
Course No. 176307:
Allgemeines chemisches Einführungspraktikum für Geowissenschaftler/innen (Basic Practical course on chemistry for geoscientists)
Lecturers: Marler, B., Reinecke, T., Fischer, R. A., Havenith-Newen, M., Metzler-Nolte, N.
4.0 hours per week, Credits 3.0, Recommended Semester: 3
Practical exercises in basic chemical techniques:
Course No. 176613: Materialanalytik, (Material analysis) Lecturers: Graetsch, H., Marler, B., Gies, H.
2 hours per week. Credits 4.0 Recommended Semester: 6
Lecture with exercise: FTIR spectroscopy, UV-VIS spectroscopy, Powder X-ray diffraction,
Course No. 176602:
Praktikum Geowissenschaften II, (practical course II in geoscience)
Lecturers: Buhl, D., Fockenberg, T., Graetsch, H., Marler, B., Bernhardt, H.-J., Renner, J., Niedermayr, A.
2 hours per week., Credits: 2.0, Recommended Semester: 6
Practical course on selected methods related to the analysis of minerals and rocks: e.g. thermal analysis, powder X-ray diffraction, etc.
Master Courses
Course No. 176834:
Strukturanalyse an polykristallinem Material, (Crystal structure analysis of polycrystalline materials, Rietveld refinement)
Lecturers: Gies, H., Graetsch, H., Marler, B.
3 hours per week, Credits 5.0, Recommended Semester: 8
Lecture with exercises on the structure analysis based on powder X-ray diffraction data, with an introduction to the Rietveld method.
Course No. 176834: Übungen Experimentelle Kristallographie I, (Experimental Crystallography I) Lecturers: Marler, B., Gies, H., Fechtelkord, M., Graetsch, H.
4.0 hours per week, Credits: 4.0, Recommended Semester 8
Practical course on selected methods frequently used by crystallographers: e.g. hydrothermal synthesis, NMR spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, modelling, determination of phase transitions, etc.
Course No. 176933: Materialwissenschaften: Mineralische Hartstoffe, Pigmente, Keramik, Glas, Bindemittel; (Material Science: Abrasive materials, pigments, ceramics, glass, cement, binder) Lecturers: Graetsch, H., Marler, B.
3.0 hours per week, Credits: 3.0, Recommended Semester 9
Lecture with exercises and practical work
Course No. 176939: Übungen experimentelle Kristallographie II, (Experimental Crystallography II) Lecturers: Graetsch, H., Schreuer J., Marler B.
4.0 hours per week, Credits: 4.0, Recommended Semester: 9
Practical course on typical analytical methods used in crystallography