Dimitar Spirrov

PhD Researcher

KU Leuven Department of Neurosciences, ExpORL
Herestraat 49 bus 721
B-3000 Leuven

Email: Dimitar.Spirrov@med.kuleuven.be


Dimitar Spirrov obtained his first engineering degree in 1999. He has experience in the industry, experience with intellectual property and biomedical devices as a patent examiner, a second engineering degree in biomedical engineering, and has worked as a researcher at ExpORL, Dept. Neurosciences, KU Leuven since January 2014.

Dimitar graduated as an Automation Engineer in Sofia, Bulgaria, and as a Biomedical Engineer in Furtwangen, Germany. He worked in the industry in Bulgaria and in Germany. During his work at Schneider Electric, Dimitar put together automation systems to address the problems in a variety of industries.  As a Development Electronics Engineer at Testo AG, Dimitar assessed and developed processing algorithms for communication purposes.  He worked as a patent examiner in the Hague, Netherlands, where he assessed the inovation of different medical diagnostic devices and methods.

Since January 2014 Dimitar has been a researcher at ExpORL. As part of the ExpORL team Dimitar studied audiology, auditory modelling, hearing aid and cochlear implant technology. He currently develops and evaluates sound processing strategies for bimodal stimulation.


The combined work of cochlear implants and hearing aids, bimodal and hybrid stimulation, hearing technology and loudness models, real-time processing.


Foto Dimitar Spirrov