Andreas Prokopiou

KU Leuven Belgium
Faculty of Medicine, Department of Neurosciences
Research Group Experimental Oto-rhino-laryngology
Onderwijs en Navorsing 2, Herestraat 49 bus 721
3000 Leuven



Andreas Prokopiou was born in 1986 in Nicosia, Cyprus. He received an MEng (2010) and a PhD (2014) in Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College London. His PhD thesis is titled: "Biophysical Modelling of a Cochlear Implant System: Progress on closed-loop design using a novel patient-specific evaluation platform


My research interest is in the modelling of healthy human hearing and the cochlear implant biophysical/perceptual response at various levels of scale and complexity. Furthermore, I am interested in the design and realisation of novel signal processing techniques and methods, both as software and hardware. 


A. N. Prokopiou and E. M. Drakakis, "Quantitative Analysis Linking Inner Hair Cell Voltage Changes and Postsynaptic Conductance Change: A Modelling Study, "Biomed Res Int, vol. 2015, no. 5, pp. – 21, 2015.


Foto Andreas Prokopiou