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Office hours

In compliance with the current measures in place to contain the further spread of the Covid-19 virus, office hours no longer take place. If you have matters to discuss, please send an email. If necessary, virtual office hours can then be set up via telephone or Skype.

Secretary's office closed

Ms Dornieden's office will remain closed until further notice.
For matters related to either of Christiane Meierkord's or Guyanne Wilson's courses, please contact the lecturers directly, and please read the information provided on the English Seminar's website and the FAQ's for students on the University's website first for any general matters.

Resits for Professor Meierkord's courses:

For Sounds and Sound Systems, please see the message at Students who failed (part of) the January exam, as well as those who did not attend the January exam will take the resit together with next semester's students. We currently cannot tell a precise date, time and venue. Please be patient - there is a lot to arrange at the moment, which takes time, but we are not forgetting you and there will be a solution, communicated here and via Moodle as soon as possible.

For the Multilingualism lecture, we currently cannot yet tell when and in what format the resit will take place, but it will take place. Again, please be patient and wait for further announcements here and via Moodle. In case you need a grade very urgently, e.g. if this is the last grade you need to register for your BA, MA or MEd exam, send an email to Christiane Meierkord.





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