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Introduction to South-African Constitutional Law (Blockveranstaltung auf Englisch)

It is the main aim of this course to introduce students to the terminology and doctrines of South African constitutional law; to apply knowledge to factual situations and furthermore to analyse constitutional issues and offer creative solutions. 

Section 1 accordingly introduces students to the terminology of constitutional law. Section 2 presents a historic background to the development of current South African constitutional law. The third part of the course aims to clarify the most important constitutional doctrines in terms of the South African context. This section will also provide students with up to date developments that have an impact on constitutional law. A thorough analysis of case law, textbooks and authoritative articles form an integral part of the course. Student participation and the completion of written assignments are essential for the realisation of the objectives of the course. 

Students must possess the necessary English language proficiency.

Dozent: Prof. Werner Scholtz, Juristische Fakultät der North West University (Potchefstroom Campus), Südafrika


  • Dr. Judit Beke-Martos
    GC 8/38
    0234 / 32 - 27681

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