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Fairness and Anti-discrimination

Since June 2008, according to the principles of a “humane” university, RUB has imposed the guidelines “Fair Behaviour at Work.” In these guidelines, the university administration imposes a respectful behaviour towards others and condemns all forms of discrimination, sexual harassment, and mobbing on campus. The guidelines are obligatory for all members of the university – employees in administration and technology, scholars, and students.

Study Group “Fair Behaviour at Work”

In April 2009, RUB additionally created the working group “Faires Verhalten am Arbeitsplatz” (Fair Behaviour at Work ). The working group includes representatives of all status groups and has a balanced number of both women and men. Friederike Bergstedt is the chair of the central equal opportunities officer.

Friederike Bergstedt,
Phone: +49(0)234/32-27837

“Equality at Work” Guidelines

With its "Equality at Work” Guidelines, RUB sets a clear signal that discrimination of any kind, sexual violence, and bullying are not tolerated. RUB thus takes responsibility for ensuring (within the limits of its jurisdiction) that the rights of individuals and their personal space will be respected and protected in the legal sense of German Basic Law.

Counselling for Staff Members

All staff members from all faculties at RUB are welcome to visit the special counselling sessions for staff members. The counseling offers help with finding solutions with challenges and conflicts at your workplace that cannot be tackled intern.

Central Office for Student Counselling

The Central Office for Student Counselling  advises and supports students during the transition from school to university, but also during your studies. The office contains psychological counseling, coaching and groups as well as social services.

OASE- Exchange, Studies and Development

OASE is an institution at RUB for students, members and Angehörige of the university as well as the public sector. OASE offers courses in culture, health, creativity as well as “fir for your studies”.

Disabled Persons Representative

The Academic Support Group (AkaFö) offers advise for students with disabilities, for example in case of compensation for disadvantages.

Representatives for Severely Disabled People

The representatives for severely disabled people are responsible for all tasks that fall under SGB IX (The Social Code). It claims the inclusion of severely disabled people into offices, represents their interests in the office and assists in an advisory capacity.