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Equal Opportunity Office
GA 8/58
Telephone: 0234 - 32-27837
Fax: 0234 - 32-14354

Security Escort

Are you on campus in the dark, on your own in the car park, or on your way to the underground? RUB’s Campus Watch provides security escorts. Phone: +49 234 32 27001

Contact Point at RUB for Trans* and Inter* Persons

In addition to offering mediation, opportunities for discussion and counseling services, the contact point serves also purposes such as networking as well as exchange and is aimed at all members of the RUB. Anonymous contact:

Career Advancement for Female Doctors

Photo: © Robin Jopp / Bergmannsheil

The new mentoring program "MentÄ - Erfolgreich in Klinik und Wissenschaft" for female doctors will start in November 2020 at the university hospitals of Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB). The aim of the project is to support young women in their careers and to increase the proportion of women in leading positions in clinical medicine at the university hospitals. The mentoring program is supported by the Lore-Agnes-Program and the Medical Faculty of RUB. The application deadline for the program is October 5, 2020, for further information please click here.

Covid-19 related Information

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Equal Opportunities Office team is working alternately in the home office and in the office. In any case, we can be reached by e-mail and telephone. You can find current information from RUB concerning COVID-19 here:

Photo: Petr Kratochvil (CC0 1.0 Public Domain)

Due to the exceptional situation during the corona pandemic, an increase in domestic violence and a rise in mental illness can be expected. We would like to introduce you to telephone counselling services, which are mostly free of charge and anonymous. 

Those affected by violence can contact the Victim's Telephone Number of Weißer Ring (116 006), the Violence against Women Support Hotline (08000 116016) or the Sexual Abuse Help Line (0800 22 55 530).  

RUB employees can contact the RUB in-house social counselling service in the event of psychosocial difficulties (0234 32 29132). In the current situation, RUB University Hospital has set up a telephone hotline to deal with acute psychological crises with the help of relieving calls: 0234 5077-4567.  

At the telephone counselling service (0800 / 111 0 111, 0800 / 111 0 222, 0800 116123) everybody regardless of age, profession and religion can call in.  

Persons with an addictive disorder can contact the RUB Addiction Counselling Service (0234 32 29132) or Alcoholics Anonymous.

Equal Opportunities

With an established equal opportunities strategy, both structural and individually, the RUB creates a modern perspective. This includes the usage of women's potential in every aspect of scienctic work.

Data and Achievements

The RUB has been very successful in increasing the overall proportion of Women in leading research positions and implementing equality, indicated by multiple commendations and awards in the recent past.

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Research Careers

Supporting young female academics in acquiring leading positions in research and teaching is very important. The RUB aims to help aspiring women to establish themselves in these fields.

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Family Friendly

It is very important for us to establish a family-friendly environment at our university. This practised culture allows parents to be responsible while working on their career goals.

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All members oft he RUB contribute to a congenial environment concerning a culture of awareness on campus. Especially in leader positions they are responsible for not tolerating discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying at the study and work spaces.

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Gender Studies

Gender Studies at the RUB are internationally structured and have a good reputation. The university is offering a large variety of classes that focus on gender studies.

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