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thank you for your interest in our lab!

In the lab, we study brain asymmetries and cognition. For this to do, we have some people that do animal research and a group of people working with humans. We use behavioral, electrophysiological, molecular, imaging, and anatomical methods. If you have a preference regarding these specializations, please specify this in your application. Please take care that your English is spotless.

To apply for an internship, just send 1) a letter of application and 2) a CV as pdf files per mail to Gesa Berretz ( She coordinates internships in our department.


Please make sure to specify in your letter of application:

  • Why you would like to work with us
  • How long you would like to work with us
  • When you would like to work with us
  • If you would like to work full time or part time
  • If this is a mandatory or voluntary internship
  • If you have a preference for human or animal research

Please be aware that we do not provide any internship funding. Due to organizational reasons, voluntary internships cannot be longer than 4 weeks unless you organize external funding, for example by Erasmus. We do not have a fixed amount of internship positions. An internship is possible as soon as a researcher is in need of an intern and has the possibility to supervise him/her during the time you specified. You will receive feedback on whether or not we can offer you an internship within 4 weeks after your application.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Gesa Berretz.

Kind regards,
Onur Güntürkün


Find the information for internships linked here as a PDF file.