Dr. Thomas Hülsken, Dipl.-BioL.


Molekulare Taxonomie von Caenogastropoden (September 2002 bis August 2008)

I study the molecular phylogeny, systematic, and evolution of the caenogastropod family Naticidae Guilding, 1834 (Moonsnails). The Naticidae are a cosmopolitan carnivorous endofaunal caenogastropod family that lives in tropical, temperate as well as antartic and arctic waters (Marincovich 1977) from the intertidal zone down to several thousand meters. Worldwide there are about 260-270 Recent species in this family (Kabat 1990), which is assumed to have originated in the late Triassic (Wenz 1941, Bouchet & Warén 1993) or in the early Jurassic (Carriker & Yochelson 1968, Marincovich 1977). The group contains several deep-water species (Bouchet & Warén 1993), but the greatest species diversity and generic abundance can be found in tropical waters (Kabat 1996). Their worldwide distribution and their way of life make this diverse species group ecologically important. Previous published taxonomical studies (Marincovich 1977, Aronowsky 2003) mainly based on hard-shell characters. Based on my molecular studies the molecular relationships within this gastropod family contradict earlier arrangements of species, genera and subfamilies (Huelsken et al. 2008). These new insights into naticid phylogeny force further analyses to validate the intrafamilial arrangements and the origin of the Recent naticid taxa which are assumed to have originate in the tropical pacific region.


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  • T. Huelsken (2008).
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    Dissertation, Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Ruhr University Bochum.
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  • T. Huelsken, C. Marek, S. Schreiber, I. Schmidt, and M. Hollmann (2008).
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  • T. Huelsken, M. Clemmensen, and M. Hollmann (2006).
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    Zootaxa 1257: 1-25.
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  • T. Huelsken (2006). Photographer in Sanna, A.: Nel Blu del Giglio 39 immersioni classiche e inedite - 252 schede di riconoscimento della Flora e della Fauna del Mediterraneo, 176.


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