Prof. Dr. Tong Li

Atomic-Scale Characterization
Institute for Materials
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Ruhr-Universitšt Bochum
Universitštsstr. 150
44803 Bochum
ZGH, Floor 02, Room 109
Phone: +49 (0)234 32-26099
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The main focus of my research group is characterisation of catalyst materials, which uses atom probe tomography (APT) in conjunction with electron microscopy technique. The combined  chemical and structural information can help to understand mechanisms of the catalyst materials, and guide the design to achieve optimal activity and stability. I am also interested in structural materials, such as Ti alloys, used for aerospace and related applications. It focuses on the characterization of structure and chemistry, at an atomic scale, during the phase evolution, with the aim of unveiling the controversial transformations.

New Publications:

1. 3D atomic-scale imaging of mixed Co-Fe spinel oxide nanoparticles during oxygen evolution reaction,
W. Xiang, N. Yang, X. Li, J. Linnemann, U. Hagemann, O. Ruediger, M. Heidelmann, T. Falk, M. Aramini, S. DeBeer, M. Muhler, K. Tschulik, T. Li,
Nature Communications 13(1) (2022) 179.
We use atom probe tomography to elucidate the 3D structure of 10nm sized Co2FeO4 and CoFe2O4 nanoparticles during oxygen evolution reaction (OER). We reveal nanoscale spinodal decomposition in pristine Co2FeO4. Read more..

2. Direct Detection of Surface Species Formed on Iridium Electrocatalysts during the Oxygen Evolution Reaction
A. BalaKrishnan, N. Blanc, U. Hagemann, P. Gemagami, K. Wonner, K. Tschulik, T. Li
Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 60(39) (2021) 21396-21403 (2021).
We developed an approach to directly examine the oxidation state and surface composition of nanosized Ir electrodes after oxygen evolution reaction (OER). APT reveals compositional changes in the topmost surface and subsurface on various Ir planes during OER. Read more..

3. B. Gault, A. Chiaramonti, O. Cojocaru-Mirédin, P. Stender, R. Dubosq, C. Freysoldt, S.K. Makineni, T. Li, M. Moody, J.M. Cairney, Atom probe tomography Nature Reviews Methods Primers 1(1) (2021) 51.Read more..

4. S. Wu, K.-Y. Tseng, R. Kato, T.-S. Wu, A. Large, Y.-K. Peng, W.K. Xiang, H. Fang, J. Mo, I. Wilkinson, Y.-L. Soo, G. Held, K. Suenaga, T. Li, H.-Y.T. Chen, S.C.E. Tsang, Rapid Interchangeable Hydrogen, Hydride, and Proton Species at the Interface of Transition Metal Atom on Oxide Surface Journal of the American Chemical Society 143(24) (2021) 9105-9112.Read more..

5. N.T. Yang, Y.H. Zhao, H. Zhang, W.K. Xiang, Y.H. Sun, S. Yang, Y. Sun, G.F. Zeng, K. Kato, X.P. Li, M. Yamauchi, Z. Jiang, T. Li, Sintering Activated Atomic Palladium Catalysts with High-Temperature Tolerance of ~ 1,000℃ , Cell Reports Physical Science 2(1) (2021). Read more..

6. M.J. Lai, T. Li, F.K. Yan, J.S. Li, D. Raabe, Revisiting ω-phase embrittlement in metastable β-titanium alloys: Role of elemental partitioning, Scripta Materialia 193 (2021) 38-42.Read more..

7. S.Q. Jia, L. Bolzoni, T. Li, F. Yang, Unveiling the interface characteristics and their influence on the heat transfer behavior of hot-forged Cu-Cr/Diamond composites, Carbon 172 (2021) 390-401. Read more..



Catalyst surface analysed at atomic resolution

Catalyst surfaces have rarely been imaged in such detail before. And yet, every single atom can play a decisive role in catalytic activity.
Our doctorate student Weikai Xiang worked together with the Chair of Electrochemistry and Nanoscale Materials and the Chair of Industrial Chemistry. Institutes in Shanghai, China, and Didcot, UK, were also involved. The team presents their findings in the journal Nature Communications, published online on 10 January 2022.Read more..


Direct Detection of Surface Species during OER

In the journal "Angewandete Chemie", published online on August 3, 2021, Prof. Dr. Tong Li published her first article as a a submitting corresponding author together with M.Sc. Arjun Bala Krishnan, both are from the Atomic-scale Characterization research group at the Institute for Materials of the RUB. .Read more..


Programmable synthetic materials

In the journal "Science", published online on August 7, 2020, Prof. Dr. Tong Li, head of the Atomic-scale Characterization research group at the Institute for Materials of the RUB, together with Dr. Zhe Ji and Prof. Dr. Omar Yaghi from Berkeley .Read more..

Zhe Ji, Tong Li, Omar M. Yaghi: Sequencing of metals in multivariate metal-organic frameworks, in: Science, 2020, Read More.


Tong Li was appointed as professor

Jun. Prof. Tong Li is appointed as a full professor for the characterization of high-performance materials on the atomic scale on February 7, 2020. Read more..