The SFB 874 offers a one-year auxiliary training programme for medical students of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum who are interested in conducting an experimental MD-project with a neuroscientific focus.

MD-students take part in the graduate school programme of the IGSN. The curriculum comprises state-of-the-art symposia, methodological and practical courses, journal clubs, lab meetings and a lecture course. A credit point system allows the MD-students to monitor their progress during the course of the programme. Participants receive a monthly scholarship of 735 € plus 103 € for material expenses for a duration of 12 months at most. After completing their MD at the medical faculty of the RUB, successful alumni of the MD-programme receive a certificate.

The MD-projects are thematically embedded within the projects of the SFB 874 and they are supervised by the SFB's principal investigators. The faculties of Medicine, Psychology and Biology take part in the programme. For examples of MD-projects click here. You are also welcome to introduce your own ideas for research projects – compatible with the research focus of the SFB – or to contact the principal investigators leading the projects you are interested in and discuss your ideas.

Possible project leaders:


Behavioural paradigms, Biochemistry, Brain imaging, Cellular physiology, Confocal microscopy, EEG, Electrophysiology, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation

For entry requirements and application click here.

BIO: Faculty for Biology and Biotechnology, INI: Institute for Computational Neuroscience, MED: Medical Faculty, PSY: Faculty for Psychology

Contact person

Sarah Karis


Tel.: +49 - (0)234 - 32 - 21761



For examples of MD-projects click here.

For entry requirements and application click here.

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