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Closing Symposium of the Collaborative Research Centre SFB 558
“Metal-substrate interactions in heterogeneous catalysis”: 2000-2012

"Metal-support interactions:
How important are they in heterogeneous catalysis,

electro- and photo-catalysis?"

Conference Hall of the RUB (Veranstaltungszentrum der RUB)
April 16-18, 2012






Photocatalytic Activity of Bulk TiO2 Anatase and Rutile Single
Crystals Using Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy
Physical Review Letters, 106 (2011) 138302

Shallow Donor States Induced by In-Diffused Cu in ZnO:       
A Combined HREELS and Hybrid DFT Study
Physical Review Letters, 106 (2011) 066401

Allgemeine Information zur Heterogenen Katalyse


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