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Prof. Dr. Stefan Berger





Social Movements in European Perspectives

Initiative Echte Soziale Marktwirt-
schaft (IESM) / pixelio.de

How do social movements emerge? Who participates in them and why? What sustainable change do they actually bring about? The Summer School offers the opportunity to find answers and become familiar with social movements such as labour movements, environmental movements, women's movements, right-wing movements or anti-austerity protests. The Summer School addresses the basic definitions and the history of social movements as well as contemporary social movements from a sociological perspective. At the same time, it takes into consideration political and economic perspectives.

Zielgruppe: Students of all subjects from the third semester onwards (BA) who are interested in interdisciplinary research on the history and present of social movements.The language (literature and discussions) will at all times be English. Thorough knowledge of English is mandatory.

Preparatory Meeting: July 8th, 2015, 3-5 pm, Conference Room of the ISB
Summer School: September 21st-25th
Future Workshop: October 12th 2015