Masami Kurabayashi

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Masami Kurabayashi
Tokyo Women’s Medical University

second year medical student out of six years

Period:2nd -27th March,2015


My exchange program at Ruhr University Bochum was provided by IFMSA which stands for‘International Federation of Medical Students’Association’.
First I put Germany as my first choice (you need to list up at least four countries) and they accepted me so then I chose which department I would like to work at among so many projects all around Germany.
Now I can tell you from bottom of my heart that my stay in Bochum was wonderful beyond description though I had never heard of Bochum before. I can assure you that Bochum will never ever let you down!!

My daily schedule at Neurophysiology department

There are three floors on which Prof. Dr. Manahan-Vaughan is in charge of at MA building.
The first time I visited her laboratory, it was too complicated for me and sometimes I got lost easily in such a mazy building.

But no worries!

Everybody will be happy to help you.
Especially I would like to say thank you to Prof. Manahan-Vaughan’s secretary,Ms Brusis for explaining many times how to get to one place from another.

First week I was in In Vivo laboratory where I have learned behavioral experiments ,how to handle animals ,how to transplant an artificial device in a mouse and etc.

Second week I was at biochemistry/molecular biology/histology laboratory where I have learned how to conduct westernblotting, immunohistochemistry , in situ hybridization and PCR.

Third week I was at In Vitro laboratory where I learned how to conduct patch clamping including how the brain tissue is fixed and sliced.

Fourth week I could choose on which floor I would like to spend my time with and the procedure of patch clamping was most attractive for me so I chose In Vitro laboratory to spend time with.

Besides these I was able to attend a monthly international symposium, some lectures on neurodegenerative from the perspective of human genetics and also I was able to visit a hospital twice where I had lectures about MRI by doctors, some contacts with patients and experience with medical devices such as echo.

I can tell you every moment I spent with neurophysiology department was very meaningful and interesting!

At the end of my report I would like to say thank you to all the people whom I have met at Ruhr University Bochum. I am pretty sure without any one of them my stay would not have been the same. Everything was excellently organized and even though I had never had any laboratory experience before I was able to spend the best month ever in my life thanks to Prof.Manahan-Vaughan, her PhD students, MD students and so on.

This experience has literally broaden my world!!
Words cannot describe how much I am lucky to have this opportunity.

Thank you so much! Vielen Dank! ありがとうございます。