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Vertebrate Cone Opsins Enable Sustained and Highly Sensitive Rapid Control of Gi/o Signaling in Anxiety Circuitry. Anxiety Circuitry. Neuron, 18 (6):1263-1273

Video to:Vertebrate Cone Opsins Enable Sustained and Highly Sensitive Rapid Control of Gi/o Signaling in Anxiety Circuitry. Anxiety Circuitry. Neuron, 18 (6):1263-1273

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Investigating the origins of spinocerebellar ataxia 6
Scientists at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum established a mouse model for the human disease SCA6. SCA6 is characterized by movement deficits and caused by similar genetic alterations as Chorea Huntington. The mouse model will be used to investigate the disease mechanisms. Experiments suggest that an impairment of eye blink conditioning could be an early disease symptom. The team from the Department of Zoology and Neurobiology published their data in “The Journal of Neuroscience”; the work was highlighted by the editor’s commentary. (mehr)


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