“Teaching Assistants” – A Special Kind Tutor at the Ruhr-University Bochum

Students Teaching Students
“Teaching Assistants” are advanced postgraduate students who look after small groups of undergraduate students. They familiarize the younger students with the most important common practices at their faculty and introduce them to the basics of general academic skills. Then they also hold tutorial classes supplementing the lecture courses of professors, they chair discussions, and they provide guidance in the processes of learning, revision and critical reflexion of course content. Last but not least, “Teaching Assistants” also offer general help, advice and personal support to their students.

Coaching the “Teaching Assistants”
In order to perform their various tasks, the “Teaching Assistants” need a good technical knowledge as well as excellent social and communication skills. The tutorials, therefore, are a great opportunity for these students to hone their own interdisciplinary skills.
To meet this demand, the ZAT (Central Office for the Training of Tutors and Mentors) and the IFB (Strategic Unit for Professional Development) offer tailor-made training and reflexion units for “Teaching Assistants” of all faculties. During the training courses, communication skills and group leadership skills are practised in such formats as discussions, team work and role plays. Upon completing the different training sessions, a certificate will be issued.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us: Lehrassistenten@rub.de