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Dear visitor, here you can find our curriculum with a list of the modules. Each module is linked to the corresponding module-sheet.

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Curriculum   (102.7 kB)

Curriculum of the Master program
Modules Credit Points
1. Semester 30,5
Stem Cell Physiology I 5
Stem Cell Lecture Series 2
Bioinformatics 5
4x Stem Cell Practical Courses 16 (4x4 points)
The list of the available practicals for the Stem Cell Practical Courses
Language Course I 2,5 (in planning 2)
2. Semester 30,5
Stem Cell Physiology II 5
Stem Cell Lecture Series 3
Molecular Tracing Methods 5
Molecular Genetic Methods 5
Tissue Engineering 5
Lab Rotation 5
The list of laboratories of the labrotation
Language Course II 2,5 (in planning 2)
3. Semester 29
Advances in Stem Cell Research
Stem Cell Lecture Series
Pathology of Degenerative Diseases 5
Scientific Responsibility 8
Lab Bench Project and Grant Writing 16 (in planning 17)
4. Semester 30
Master Project 30
Double Degree Master Program  
Additional modules available in the double degree option 14 (summarised)


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All Modules combined as Handbook

Download the modules as a single pdf file.

Module Handbook   (708 kB)