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International Course

The curriculum includes, as an integral part, the participation in a research project of 2-3 months duration. This internship is carried out at one of the world‘s top institutions in the field of molecular sciences and simulation.

This special feature is a part of our leadership training program for future leaders in science and industry. The next generation will undoubtedly need those that have learned to work effectively and successfully in international, multicultural, and interdisciplinary teams.

This international experience at a very early stage is a mandatory part of the iMOS program. It will be organized by the university.

Below you will find a list of partner universities and research groups that are involved in our program.


List of our Partner Institutions

International Office

Prepare your stay abroad early (at least one semester in advance). You can get counselling about visa regulations, scholarships etc, at our RUB International Office.

Additional Funding Sources for the International Course

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